Family support for cabin crew

Family members of Hong Kong Airlines cabin crew got a chance to see how their loved ones were professionally trained for one of the most demanding jobs in the air at a special experience recently.

“There are misconceptions about flight attendants and we want to change that perception,” said Sally Lo, Manager of Crew Service Standards and Training who initiated the visit.

“It’s never easy for a cabin crew although their work seems simple in the eyes of passengers. Whether they are serving inflight meals, showing safety demonstrations or simply closing the aircraft door, service and safety standards must be strictly adhered to,” she added. 

Sally also acknowledged that training is even harder but ensuring the trainees graduate as qualified flight attendants with the special Hong Kong Airlines customer service DNA is the ultimate goal.   

Cabin crew were proud to be involved in this eye-opening experience for their loved ones, showing them around the facility where they were trained and tested before they became a certified flight attendant on board. They explained how they were taught to respond to different emergency situations.  Family members were also shown evacuation procedures should an aircraft land on water and how crew were trained to save lives in the sea.

The highlight of the visit was role play, where family members put themselves in the shoes of their loved ones and served “passengers” in the cabin mock-up.

“This visit has given me a deeper understanding of my daughter’s job and the efforts she has put in during training to become a competent cabin crew with Hong Kong Airlines. I am very proud of her and will continue to support her unconditionally,” said Mrs Chan.

“This is a very meaningful experience for both our crew and their loved ones.  We hope that family members will now appreciate the professionalism of flight attendants and also know that their support is always vital to our cabin crew,” said Sally.

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