Hong Kong Airlines unveils new lai see collectibles to welcome Year of the Ox

Hong Kong Airlines launches a brand new set of lai see collectibles, highlighting the artworks from four legendary calligraphy artisans from Hong Kong, including Mr Yim Chiu Tong, Mr Au Yeung Cheong, Mr Yeung Kai and Mr Lee Kin Ming.

Their works can be found all over Hong Kong, from street graffiti to Chinese characters on signages and trucks, which are also featured on the lai sees in the partnership. The design also specially immersed with elements of aviation and travel, which brings back the happy memories of flying, an experience we all missed in the past year.

Yim Chiu Tong

Yim Chiu Tong is a well-known plumber in Hong Kong, with a nickname called “Kui Wong”, the plumber king. He has been painting advertisements in black and white on public facilities around Hong Kong to promote his business for decades.

His painting is so special that it becomes a signature font and street graffiti in the city, as well as a unique design on Hong Kong Airlines lai see collectibles, wishing all things smooth in the Year of the Ox.

Au Yeung Cheong

Au Yeung Cheong is a sign painter. He is also known as the master of the Zan Script, which was used by royalty and scholars in the Tang Dynasty. His works can be found on over 1,500 signboards and light boxes around Hong Kong.

In the collaboration with Hong Kong Airlines, he especially made the one and only “I love travel” in his signature Chinese calligraphy, printed on the lai see.

Yeung Kai

Yeung Kai is a calligraphy master of Beiwei Script. His font is dynamic, confident and powerful, making it very popular to the business owners in Hong Kong. Even though he is 82 years old, the artisan still wants to keep his signature calligraphy alive as a special form of cultural heritage.

On the lai see, his calligraphy is printed on a suitcase, reminding Hong Kongers the eagerness to travel.

Lee Kin Ming

Lee Kin Ming has been collaborating with Hong Kong Airlines on lai see designs for three consecutive years. He inherited and digitalized over 5,000 Chinese calligraphy characters left by his father’s late business partner Li Hon, and created the Li Han Kong Kai font.

The lai see features signboards in his unique font, and wishes all a nice trip when flying with Hong Kong Airlines.

Hong Kong Airlines has also created festive wallpapers and Instagram filters in these artistic designs. Feel free to download and share the new year blessings with your friends and family.

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