Hong Kong Airlines recognised for commitment to safety excellence

Hong Kong Airlines was recently recognised for its commitment to safety excellence in the “2019/20 Airport Safety Recognition Scheme” organised by the Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK). The scheme honours members of the airport community who have demonstrated outstanding safety performance over the past year.

Hong Kong Airlines achieved not only the HKIA Safety Excellence Award (Merit) at the corporate level, but also received three awards under the “Accident Prevention Measures” category and one award in the “Good Safety Suggestion” category.

Some examples include responding to events such as smoke emitted from a mobile device (PED) inflight and the handling of a suspected security threat.  Hong Kong Airlines crew maintained a high level of safety awareness and professionalism during these emergencies, while adhering to company safety procedures.

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Hong Kong Airlines also formed an Airside Driving Safety Task Force Group to review the driving performance in order to raise the awareness of safety for Hong Kong Airlines drivers and road users at the airport. AAHK recognised the group’s efforts to review the existing procedures to identify areas with potential for enhancement. These enhancements included safety notice and briefings, which are provided to staff regularly, highlighting the importance of road safety at the airport. In addition, all airside vehicles have been installed with GSE tracking system, which helps to alert drivers on the speed limit.

Hong Kong Airlines’ “Cooling Off and Staying Well” campaign for staff has also been awarded under the “Good Safety Suggestion” category. The summer programme included comprehensive safety briefings organised for airport staff on the prevention of heat stroke and demonstration on first-aid treatment when handling heat stress illness.

In appreciation of Hong Kong Airlines staff who put safety first, an internal awards presentation ceremony was held at HKA Training Academy on 24 June 2020. Forty-two awardees were presented with certificates by Hong Kong Airlines Chief Executive Officer Sun Jianfeng, in recognition of their efforts in demonstrating the company’s commitment to safety excellence.


Hong Kong Airlines Director of Corporate Safety, Quality Assurance & Security, Captain Alex Linhares 

This is an important validation of our unceasing development of safety standards and collaboration with AAHK and our industry partners on various safety initiatives, to ensure we deliver a safe environment for our customers and employees at all times, while also promoting safety in the aviation industry. It recognises Hong Kong Airlines staff performance and valuable company efforts towards safety in the quest for continuous improvement.


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