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Alex Linhares, director of the corporate safety department at Hong Kong Airlines, tells us more about the measures undertaken by the airline to ensure the safety of staff and passenger alike.

Alex, tell us more about your background at Hong Kong Airlines.
I have been with Hong Kong Airlines for close to 10 years, in roles such as captain, instructor and examiner. Since day one, I’ve also been in a few managerial positions. My previous appointment was as the director of the flight operations department and the assistant chief executive officer. Currently, I am the director of corporate safety, quality assurance and security department (CSD), a position I’m holding for the second time.


What does CSD do?
The department sets the system and framework for how Hong Kong Airlines addresses safety, quality assurance, security and business resilience. All our staff – junior and senior alike – are engaged in the prevention of accidents and serious incidents, focusing on hazard identification, pro-active risk management and compliance with the high standards of the industry and regulatory bodies. This ensures a safe environment for our passengers and crew every time they board our aircraft.

What is Hong Kong Airlines’ philosophy where safety is concerned?
Safety is our number one priority. Our top management is ultimately accountable for safety in our company, so they pull out all the stops to ensure that adequate resources are allocated for safe operations. Moreover, every employee is responsible for safety. This is clearly demonstrated in the commitment statement in the Safety Policy signed by the chief executive officer.

What has the airline achieved so far in terms of corporate safety?
We have been demonstrating our commitment to safety across the industry and it has been recognised by the authorities, associations and industry partners alike. Last year, we received awards from Hong Kong International Airport, including the HKIA Safety Excellence Award (Merit) and awards for a number of accident prevention measures. We also presented strategies in safety conferences and sponsored several safety initiatives such as exercises, campaigns, drills and other activities – we did all of this in order to promote safety not just within Hong Kong Airlines but also in our industry.

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