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Recruitment startup Cake Resume links up Hong Kong’s tech talents

In late 2019, Taiwanese startup Cake Resume launched in Hong Kong, bringing a dynamic new recruitment platform to a competitive pool of digital professionals. The four-year-old company focuses on connecting Asia’s top tech talent with employers and recruiters through its bespoke “media profile” resume service and search engine, and even offers technical screening for prospective employees.

Better recruitment tools – including those that take into consideration intangible factors like management style – could address the trend of young Hongkongers practising “naked resignation”, the phenomenon that involves leaving a job before securing a new one. This is important as many modern tech professionals are now concerned with corporate culture, equity and stock options. Cake Resume also seeks to provide prospective employees transparent salary information.


One of the platform’s biggest draws is a feature called Job Espresso, designed to help companies scale their engineering teams. To improve the hiring process, recruiters are paired with engineers to better assess job applicants’ technical skills, especially when it comes to coding.


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