Wishing you wellness

In October 2019, Hong Kong Airlines launched a series of wellness programmes to promote work-life balance among its employees. This has included putting together exclusive activities such as yoga classes and stress management seminars.

Held at lunch time, yoga classes have helped improve mental health. With yoga mats provided, these short sessions have been the perfect way for employees to calm both mind and body after a long week at work. “I think it’s worth skipping lunch for this,” content specialist Wiency Wong says. “The yoga class introduced some basic poses, which were great for beginners like me. The stretching exercise was particularly relaxing, and I felt a lot less tense after the class. I may start bringing a yoga mat to work from now on.”

All employees were also invited to attend 7-Well Stress Management Seminar, an insightful look at the various aspects in one’s life that might cause stress, from health to work to relationships. The seminar also taught attendees how to turn stress to their advantage, without falling victim to it.


Other initiatives undertaken by Human Resources to improve employee welfare included an online health assessment which offered employees a full report on their health status based on their age and recommended follow-up actions they could take.

The department also established a health lounge, where nurses were on hand to provide answers to health queries employees had, as well as to offer online health screening services in various areas, from diabetes to cardiac issues. Finally, there was also an onsite flu vaccination available to help employees maintain their immunity.

Plans are already underway for another round of programmes including massages and health talks.

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