Artsy and auspicious beginnings

Hong Kong Airlines works with four dynamic artists to create special lai see packets that usher in the Year of the Rat.


出入平安 “Safe Journey” – Lee Kin Ming

This design showcases the artist’s skill in crafting Chinese characters. Known as the creator of the Li Han Kong Kai font, Lee’s design is reminiscent of the calligraphy found on metal gates around Hong Kong.


雙喜臨門 “Double Blessing” – Lock Lai

The creator of local toy brand Tinbot brings his unique designs to Hong Kong Airlines’ aircraft and flight attendants, now presented as wind-up toys.


一帆風順 “Smooth Sailing” – Lily Cash

Tattoo artist Lily Cash brings her signature colourful motifs to two iconic Hong Kong scenes – the red lamp found in many of the city’s wet markets, and a Chinese junk bobbing on the water.


大食四方 “Stuff Yourself” – Jane Lee

With her creative and colourful drawings, Jane Lee animates Hong Kong’s signature dim sum, such as har gow and siu mai, with Hong Kong Airlines’ flight attendants welcoming everyone to eat more.


Travel in style

Working with local artists, Hong Kong Airlines has created a range of products to make your journey more memorable.

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About the artists


Lock Lai

Founded in 2013, Lock Lai’s toy brand Tinbot creates magnetic action puzzle figures inspired by iconic Hong Kong elements. For Hong Kong Airlines, Lock Lai has created a pilot, flight attendant and the latest Airbus A350 aircraft.


Lee Kin Ming

Having inherited calligraphy samples from the late signboard painter Li Hon, Lee Kin Ming has digitised over 5,000 Chinese characters to create a new font. The Li Han Kong Kai font preserves this cherished cultural treasure.


Lily Cash

Thinking out of the box, Lily Cash’s colourful mandala motifs showcase the uniqueness of the city with Hong Kong elements such as the Maan Sau Mou Geung “boundless longevity” pattern and the Cheung Chau lucky bun.


Jane Lee

Lee’s imaginative style is captured in the colourful drawings that busily link up local icons such as skyscrapers, milk tea and dim sum, all showcasing the energy of Hong Kong Airlines and the city.

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