Play it cool at Gishiki Lounge

Arts and heritage centre Tai Kwun just got a sleek drinking den with a dramatic Japanese flair. Named after the Japanese word for “ritual”, Gishiki Lounge takes inspiration from Noh theatre in a few ways, such as the broody interiors, the hannya (representing a jealous, female demon) mask on the wall and the painstaking attention to drink-building detail. Local mixologist Billy Lau has created 18 libations that feature a little inspiration from Hong Kong and a lot from Japan. Try the punchy, gin-and-tea-based Hannya, served with a hibiscus ice piece pressed into the shape of the bar’s mask logo. Drink it slowly to appreciate the tart citrus flavours as the ice melts. For something warm, Onabe (meaning hot pot in Japanese) runs sake and shochu through a coffee syphon to infuse it with genmaicha, fresh ginger, peppercorns and citrus peel.


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