Devour southern Chinese classics

At the retro-chic Nove Chinese Kitchen in Central, which opened in July, diners will be delighted to find an unusual collision of two southern Chinese cuisines – Cantonese dim sum and Chiu Chow da lang (small plates) – on the menu. But in the kitchen, there’s an equally intriguing mash-up afoot: industry veteran Wong Yiu Por, who has over 50 years of experience, is working alongside 18-year-old dim sum trainee Bart Bombana, son of award-winning Italian chef Umberto. The team serves up Cantonese steamed pork belly buns, alongside Chiu Chow favourites like deep-fried oyster pancakes and pig’s trotters.

Baked Abalone and Cheese Tart __憯恍_擳.JS

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