A trio of miniature museums


Vancouver Island’s Miniature World is the self-styled “greatest little show on earth”, and considering the level of detail in these dioramas, they’re not wrong. Its elaborate “worlds” include the Swiss Family Robinson, Frontierland and Camelot. This unusual museum is also home to the world’s smallest operational sawmill.




But wait, Shanghai also has a Miniature World! This model theme park is more Shanghai-centric and features technologically enhanced exhibits with motion capture and virtual reality elements. See how the Bund developed over the past century or “witness” historical events like the 1949 sinking of the Taiping steamer.



Rose Mansion

The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan is a particularly exciting destination for dollhouse enthusiasts because of its lavish micro-interiors and tiny props. Most of these displays are built at a 1:12 size ratio, including European castles, fantastical literary scenes and the famous Victorian-era Rose Mansion.


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