Bring home a stylish slice of Hong Kong art

A quirky quartet of Hong Kong artists revamps Hong Kong Airlines’ Business Class amenity kits



Lily Cash

The tattoo artist and future-forward fashionista showcases her personal style on this latest capsule collection of Business Class amenity kits. Follow her Instagram for #ootd (outfit of the day) inspirations at @lilycashchan, or her tattoo account @glittertattooer for her bold inkwork inspired by mandalas.


Jane Lee

The illustrator known as Messy Desk (Instagram: @messydesks) creates whimsical worlds for games, art installations, comics, and more. Her strong linework and use of perspective – influenced by the French comic tradition of bande dessinée – work beautifully with Hong Kong’s busy cityscapes.


Lock Lai

The industrial designer behind collectible figure company TinBot™ puts his spin on Hong Kong Airlines’ brand elements. Lock Lai’s design includes the flight captain, crew members, “Miss Milk Tea”, and even the A350 aircraft (also available in the form of TinBot™ signature magnetic puzzle figures).


Lee Kin Ming

Typeface designer Lee’s calligraphic take on Hong Kong identity uses a digital alphabet derived from from iconic Hong Kong signs. Based on the extensive work of late signboard artist Li Hon, the nostalgic design pays homage to the history and cultural impact of these instantly recognisable visuals.


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