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Hongkongers have long salivated over Japanese cuisine – just look at the success of Amber, Nobu, Umi and Okra – and now there’s a new option in town.

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After years of working at The InterContinental Hong Kong as the right-hand man of chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa (aka Nobu), Sean Mell has taken a leap with Silencio.

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Executive Chef SeanMell2

Co-founded with South Korean-Canadian chef Yong Soo Do, the contemporary izakaya departs from the usual no-frills Japanese watering holes with jazzy music, provocative artwork and unconventional dishes.

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One to try is the “French” nigiri – a tender slice of akamutsu sea bass topped with foie gras. Tack on the restaurant’s mile-long sake list and you have a worthy addition to the line-up at ever-changing LKF Tower.

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