Beat jetlag with an “astronaut” facial

If your skin is looking worse for wear after one too many long-haul flights, put your feet up at PrincessBrows x High Society Skin Clinic for a novel solution: the new Astronautics O2 Therapy. This anti-ageing facial claims to increase collagen production, restore pH balance and relieve the symptoms of jetlag, hangovers, colds, allergies and even headaches. Apparently, the secret lies in the “oxygen therapy”, where a therapist places a globe-like oxygen dome over your head, then blasts oxygen and anions (negatively charged atoms that have been anecdotally linked to health benefits) for roughly 20 minutes. Even if you can’t quite kick the jetlag after this treatment, you’ll at least emerge with hydrated, glowing skin.

high society clinicPhoto credit: High Society Skin Clinic

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