Sample cocktails infused with local flavour

Art and alcohol at WTF Café & Gallery, Bangkok


The vibe: Enjoy a side of culture with your tipple at this snug art gallery and watering hole in an alley just off Thonglor.

What to order: Spice things up with the Tee Yai – a potent combo of tequila, lime, chilli-cinnamon syrup, Thai hot sauce and orange bitters.

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A fab bia hoi alternative at Ne Cocktailbar, Hanoi


The vibe: This hip spot is a breath
of fresh air amid the makeshift bia hoi spots in the city’s Old Quarter.

What to order: The cocktail list is extensive but we recommend starting with the Vietnamese Bloody Mary, a Vietnamese rendition of the savoury classic, with the addition of coriander, garlic, soy sauce, lime and fresh chilli.

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Cool people, great vibes at Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli, Manila


Photos by Lucky Leoparte

The vibe:
Located in the hip neighbourhood of Poblacion,
this spot oozes cool and is packed with young professionals.

What to order: The Kalesa – made with lambanog (alcohol distilled from coconuts), pomelo, basil and dalandan (a type of citrus) – is a deliciously refreshing option.

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Mixology magic at Akademi Bar, Bali


The vibe: The centrepiece marble tables at this stylish Seminyak bar encourage casual mingling.

What to order: The citrusy and spice-forward Cengkeh, which has bourbon, orange-infused arak (a local spirit made from the fermented sap of coconut flowers, sugarcane and rice), clove syrup and more.

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