Slurp up award-winning ramen

Think you’re over ramen? Well, think again. Japan’s celebrity ramen masters Hayashi Takao and Matsumura Takahiro have teamed up to open Ramen Cubism on Wellington Street, bringing both their signatures to Hong Kong, as well as serving a few exclusive recipes. Among the latter are the Sky Bird, with a rich, white chicken broth, and the clear Earth Bird, enriched with spices and kagome kombu. Need more reason to go? They only serve 200 bowls of the signatures each day.



Ramen rundown

Chef Hayashi Takao shares his insider tips

Ramen Cubism - Chef Hayashi

If you had to choose just one ramen dish, which would it be?
“Premium Cubism, featuring our signature white soup. The broth requires up to six hours to prepare.”

Any other favourites?
“The Sky Bird with spicy soup is my special creation for Hong Kong diners. It’s not super spicy and a little bit sweet – a bit like Japanese curry.”

Which craft beer goes best with ramen?
“Coedo, a Japanese craft beer brand, is totally in sync with our style. The rich Shikkoku Black Lager tempers the heat of the Sky Bird.”

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