Find out what’s brewing in Wan Chai

The Hong Kong obsession with artisanal tea is not about to wane any time soon, as evidenced by the opening of Basao on Moon Street. This chilled-out spot sources top-quality leaves from eco-friendly artisanal producers in China, Taiwan, Nepal, India and Japan. At the café, try a steaming cup of green tea or oolong, cold brew, Japanese matcha, kombucha or one of the many tea-flavoured desserts.

BASAO tea-Cold Brew

Basao’s best brews

Basao’s chief operations officer Oliver Ma shares his top tea picks

Honey and Orchird Wudong Dancong is an aromatic oolong tea from Guangdong, China. The cold nights and high elevation have resulted in this interesting style.”

“The Seaside Honey is a black tea from Luye, Taiwan. Known locally as mixiang or “honey aroma” black tea, it has a strong aroma of honey and a sweet, crisp taste.”

Traditional Smoky Bohea is made using an ancient technique, where leaves are withered by fire then smoked with pine wood, resulting in a smoky aroma.”


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