Hong Kong Airlines ushers in the Lunar New Year with lai see designed by local artists

They all have different backgrounds but the one thing these four artists have in common is talent in spades

Lock Lai

Lock Lai is a Hong Kong-based product designer who founded toy brand TinBotTM in 2016. His action figures have magnetic parts and are inspired by everything from mahjong tiles to Hong Kong’s ice cream carts and iconic public transport. Hong Kong Airlines cabin crew receive the TinbotTM treatment for Lock Lai’s deep red lai see.

Lee Kin Ming

Using Chinese writing artist Lee Han’s manuscript of 5,000 words, combined with extra characters from the Taiwanese Code Company, Lee Kin Ming has helped create a comprehensive library of computer fonts called Lee Han Kong, named after the writing artist who helped create it. Lee Kin Ming showcases this unique font on his red lai see.

Image: Leung Mo

Lily Cash

Lily Cash is a street fashion icon and renowned tattoo artist who has garnered a huge fan base for her unconventional style. Working out of tattoo studio MoFo Tattoo, Cash wants to promote tattoo art through photoshoots of her work. Her unique and sought-after designs can be seen on the turquoise lai see.

Jane Lee

Jane Lee, aka Messy Desk, is an illustrator and comic artist based in Hong Kong. She is a member of the Japan Illustrators’ Association and the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators and has a style inspired by the European bande dessinée (comic strip). Her lai see includes motifs from destinations from the Hong Kong Airlines network.

Stay tuned as the artists will be designing more products for Hong Kong Airlines!


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