Visit a special running stadium in Tokyo

This year, the Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium – located in Koto Ward – took home a Grand Award at the DFA Design for Asia Awards organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre. Its dome-shaped structure resembles the inside of a train station, but it actually houses a six-lane running track, wheelchair-accessible shower rooms and more. The eco-friendly, all-weather stadium was built for Paralympians and Olympians alike, with the aim of promoting inclusion, diversity and creativity.

+ A few words with the architect

Yukiharu Takematsu, an architect at the EPA (Environmental Protection Architectural) Institute, on what inspired the design of the Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium

Addressing the needs of the physically challenged

“When we conceptualised the stadium in 2014, there was no training centre dedicated to Paralympians in Japan, so we really wanted to provide a facility for them.”

On overcoming funding problems

“This project is not viable as a commercial establishment and the government did not guide the project – the facility was built with the support of a few key players in the private sector.”

Going beyond physical barriers

“In addition to creating a barrier-free environment, we also wanted the space to
trigger conversations between differently abled and able-bodied people.”


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