City Guide – Seoul

Take the scenic route through the South Korean capital with our art-inspired recommendations

the shilla seoul_la yeon_royal hot pot


If you splurge on one meal on your next jaunt to Seoul, make it the triple Michelin-starred La Yeon. Led by executive chef Kim Sung Il, the kitchen reinterprets classic recipes using modern culinary techniques, with a big focus on local ingredients sourced from around the country.



If art and design float your boat, it’s hard to do better than Ryse Hotel, located in the fashionable Hongdae district. Designed by local artist Yeojoo Park, Artist Suite 1504 has to be one of the hotel’s most atmospheric rooms, thanks to windows, lights and other elements creating a spectrum of striking colour tones.



The Seoullo 7017 is one of the city’s most ambitious regeneration projects to date. An abandoned overpass has been transformed into a 989m-long park that hovers over the city, complete with over 24,000 trees, shrubs and flowers that are native to Korea.


Hong Kong Airlines recommends… Great shopping districts

valerian ho

Valerian Ho, Hong Kong Airlines Content Specialist, on the three areas he enjoys visiting in the capital of South Korea


“Along with big international names, the country’s beloved beauty brands can be found here”

Hong Dae

“A great place to buy some handmade souvenirs like ceramic homeware and soak in Korean youth culture”

Dongdaemun market

“Best for late night shopping as stores here open at 9am and only close at 5am”

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