Time for a reboot

Introducing the big buzz phrase of 2019. As stressed executives attempt to wrest back control from devices that keep them permanently connected to their work, we predict that you’ll be hearing a lot about “digital wellness”.

At The Well, a high-profile private members club which is set to open in Manhattan early next year, that process starts at the front door, where visitors can check in their digital devices for a break from constant connectivity. Co-founded by new age guru Deepak Chopra’s former COO Rebecca Parekh, the club aims to be an oasis for the overworked. Up to 2,000 members – who will pay an annual fee of about US$4,500 – will get one-on-one meetings with a dedicated health concierge, along with classes on everything from energy healing to mindfulness. There will also be a restaurant and café, both with an Ayurvedic twist, which will be open to the public at the club’s street level.

The Well is already planning outposts in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong,
Tokyo, Mumbai and Singapore. We feel more relaxed already.

Boyd Farrow

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