Sip on “invisible’ cocktails

Room 309, located inside The Pottinger Hotel, is only accessible via a key card. It’s so secretive, in fact, that even the contents of your cocktail glass can be a mystery to fellow patrons. Fashioned by mixologist Antonio Lai, its “invisible cocktails” are crafted from distilled flavours such as banana, watermelon and more, resulting in surprising, all-clear concoctions. “Peanut butter fans should try the Crystal Old-Fashioned,” Lai recommends. “Using bourbon, we created a re-distillation of the spirit with vanilla pods and creamy peanut butter for a lip-smacking concoction.”


The Favoured Pearl

Room 309’s Antonio Lai has created an exclusive Hong-Kong-
inspired cocktail for +852. “Hong Kong is known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and the cocktail name is a play on the Cantonese word for lychee. Also, lychee is shaped like
a pearl,” says Lai. Here’s the recipe for his refreshing drink.


30ml vodka

30ml lychee liqueur

50ml green tea

20ml lychee juice


Shake and strain into a highball glass filled with ice.

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